A hidden photo found 150 years old

After learning more about making cases for tintypes in Ohio, I decided to head to the local antique shop in Medina to look for cases and possible items to caste molds out of. I found several and ended up taking two small intact cases with images home pictured here. What I found when I got home opened a whole new life to the image, it's curator and it's keeper.

In today's world millions of images are created daily never to be printed, held by another or carried by their side in it's physical form. Instead we carry devices that can store thousand's of images we can only see with our eyes and access practically anywhere. The mere physical act of carrying someone's image just doesn't seem necessary in today's world with such options. The meaning of an digital image vs a physical image can be no less important to an individual, however when seeing, holding and being present with a physical object it's presence possesses a deeper translation of that image.

This holds true for so many things. For example when seeing pictures of pieces of art in books vs. seeing the actual art on the wall in a museum. Or seeing a fly over of the Grand Canyon on TV, vs. standing on the ridge of this national park. Our translation is lost to a certain degree with technologies that make it easier to communicate, yet harder to read. What will be left behind for others to find, to wonder when technology has stripped away these physical attributes?

Finding my way to Ohio, I found myself searching for cases, in taking apart I found an ambrotype under the Tintype of the baby of a woman I can imagine is the mother. The image probably has not been viewed by human eyes for 150 years. It's story I do not know, yet its physical existence opened my mind to whole new view. What do you see?

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