Aids Network & Camp Bingo

@ the Edgewater Hotel

Sometimes an event is so full of individuals that have such character, love and passion for life that the photos are just a joy to capture. For in photography that capture of a moment in time is what excites me and drives my passion for collecting images. By 'collecting' I mean of course, to capture photos of people, places or things is not just a study of aperture, shutter or light. Capturing images is a study of life.

Everything around us has a beauty / a energy that may sometimes not be seen in the right light, time or place. By giving out an inviting genuine smile or nod while looking for the right non verbal cues, that moment that drives me to want to pick up my camera shows itself to me so that I may study, share and interact w/ the world.

Camp Bingo is exactly one of those events, that is not only fun for all involved, but is inspiring to capture and interact with the participants. As Camp Bingo enters its 7th season of raising money for Aids Network, the group continues to grow in popularity, attendance and more and more 'virgin' participants.

You can NOW PURCHASE A PRINT of your photo -HERE

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