Brenda Baker install at Monona Terrace

Brenda Baker a Madison based visual artist installed a new piece at the Monona Terrace.

This piece in its place very much had a multitude of meanings that came to mind as I began to photograph it and which continued as I edited the images. A sign of good concept, execution, material and presentation.

While happening to run into Brenda before shooting the piece, I did not get a chance to hear her inspiration or vision while she was heading into a conference. For me it brought thoughts of warning, growth and possibilities.

With the troubled times of our government lacking the ability to serve the people, the view with the capital in back gave me the impression of giant beast laying an egg, that was at one time alive. Very much a possible symbolic symbol if for some reason the Republicans succeed in holding our government hostage.

The piece opened a piece of growth and possibilities when I made the image purposely blurry. Changing the feel and creative process all over. It immediately turned into something abstract opening a new path of creativity. A web or matrix of natural material dropped in between the state capital and a building designed by on of the most well known architects, Frank Lloyd Wright.

The point is not what you see, its what you can imagine. Something I love about art. It's different for every person and I think it's direly important to share, make and teach more art in our ever growing computer age world. For this experience can open channels in your own creativity and even help you in things you may be stuck on or struggling with.

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Marge Hass


I love your new art piece. Thanks for sending the pictures it to me. Talk to you soon!

Judy Troia

Looks great Brenda. Can’t wait to see it up close and personal. Sal and I will do that this Sat. after the Farmer’s Market. We were in Italy on the Amafi Coast for 2 wks and missed the market while there. It was bellissimo but good to be hone.

The best to you in all you do, Judy Troia

Karen galecke

This looks interesting . Can’t wait to see it when I get to Madison again.

Nancy Aten

Eric, your text accompanying the photos is lovely. (The photos too!). It makes me think of something one of the conference elders said, “I dwell in possibility”. We who do this ecological restoration work, do it from both heart and science. It is always good to be brought into moments of thinking and imagining, which this work from Brenda does really well. I’m grateful to you both.

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