Burning man 120 film.

The most impressive thing about Burning man isn't the fire breathing art cars, 100k+ dj booths or the blowing up and burning of abstract art in the middle of a desert.

The most impressive thing at burning man are the people that create a fully functional city in a week, that have the intuition and ability to design, organize and bring together 70,000 people to celebrate life, art and freedom of speech & expression.

This model of human interaction and exchange creates a environment we all could learn and benefit from. The treatment of your fellow human being is put forth with such care, it creates a reciprocal reaction that gives meaning to each individual and all those around.

From the moment you arrive you are greeted as family and go forth in excitement and endless possibilities where ever you turn. Something we often forget that is always available, endless possibilities..

I'll leave this post with that. Featured here are film photos taken with a tower reflex camera with 120 film.

These images are under strict copyright law and cannot be used in any form with out written permission from Eric Baillies. Eric Baillies © 2014