Calling artists for photo documentation

One of the things I love looking for when taking photo's is looking for ones passion. Whether it is in their actions, expressions, fashion, performance or ones art. Capturing a piece of that passion can open many doors of creativity for my own self, giving photography a means of communication I wouldn't necessarily be able to access otherwise.

While photography has been very highly contested on whether photography is art? I strongly believe art is something that is only contested in the eye of the beholder. Just as giving a pen and pencil to any person gives them the power to call them self a writer, just as having any form of a camera doesn't negate them from calling them self a photographer. The action of what you do with that piece of writing, art or series of photos to communicate to others, to me is also an art.

Since photography has come to the masses with technology, I think its great more and more people are taking photos, it shows how enjoyable it can be and how common place it is for people to want to interact with imagery. It's finding the opportunities to turn a normal interaction to a project of a certain message is very much an art. From being genuine to oneself projects others to do the same.

I'm looking for those genuinely seeking imagery that they feel can help them project their message. Their must be a passion for what it is you are doing and I would like to hear about you project if you are in the Madison / south central WI area.

Seen are some examples from some very talented artists I've been fortunate to work together with including - Nina Bednarski, Jamie Stanek, Heath Matysek-Synder, Brenda Baker, Jason Ramey, Chele Isaac, Niki Johnson & Michael Velliquette