Camp Bingo 3.25.12 @ Edgewater

Camp Bingo is one of those events that everyone has a good time at. Bingo with a twist, 50/50 raffles, big prizes every game, comical often sexual innuendo's, fill the game with laughter and happiness all for raising money to help people living with HIV/AIDES.

While this is no laughing matter, the event and it's participants have the best of intentions to raise as much money as possible as a group to help those in need. This being my 3rd time photographing the event, their are always the hard core Camp Bingo participants there every time, however the "Camp Bingo, Virgin's" grow every time, proof that people leave with a sense of good, a smile on their face, telling others to go because its not only fun, but for a great cause.

The theme this time was super hero's which was fittingly read bingo numbers by the previous mayor Dave Cieslewicz, or better known now as Citizen Dave. Who writes a blog for the Isthmus about ideas for Madison, which can be found here.. Citizen Dave' Blog

If you'd like to see the entire set and / or buy a print, tshirt or mug of your super hero friend - find them here - Camp Bingo Gallery