Caryer Ryan Beaudreau Interiors

Interiors pose a different set of challenges to events, products and people. The combination of lighting, composition and execution really form the basis to make a great interior photo.

Composition is a really where the vision and experience come into play. The selection of the composition for my work flow is to be made ultimately by discussion of the end goals of the client. While some clients choose to be very hands off and let complete freedom of the image to go to the photographer, most clients want to add their input and expertise to the final product. Achieving this goal first and foremost is the ultimate goal. Since each client is different, the photography, styling, & lighting need to be flexible to cater to the client. Generating the feedback from the work flow is key to producing a final product that everyone is happy with. Working with Bill Beaudreau for this series for Caryer Ryan Beaudreau Interiors was a joy to learn his experience and knowledge of design while working to document his creation.

In most businesses everyone hears - location, location, location, in photography however it becomes lighting, lighting, lighting. Finding the right path for light to enter into a scene carries heavy weight to selecting and building the composition. Knowing what is possible helps you envision the angles of incidence and reflection. Working into a computer aids in the feel and direction with the client to see in real time how the image is forming.

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