Clean Lakes Alliance / Frozen Assets Fundraiser

The Clean Lakes Alliance held its 2nd Annual Frozen Assets fundraiser Saturday, Feb. 17th at the US Bank Building on the square.
This event was sold out, in style and well executed by all the many friends and support from the community to fund cleaner Yahara Lakes and fund the Madison Community Foundation.

The 1st floor was transformed into a cabin style feel with fire places, horse saddle bar stools, live music and a bar that stretched the length of the lobby.  The Aspen style after hours chic theme party was a huge hit with people sporting their fashionable winter wear.  Keep sakes from handed down generations where pulled out of the closet to shine tonight, as I commented on a young woman's hat - me- "I love your hat!"  young woman -"it was my grand mothers!"

Surely you will want to 'Like' the Facebook page of the Clean Lakes Alliance to get notice of the sold out party.

Seen here is a glimpse at what the decor looked like, put on by David Caruso and Dynamic Events and the super cool ice sculptures by Art Below Zero