Crown Graphic image at Devils Lake

Last weekend for Memorial Day I hauled my newly acquired Crown Graphic camera up the south side of Devils Lake to shoot a test image at Devils Door.

Having outfitted the Crown Graphic with a Fuji Film Polaroid back the location, setting and process seemed fitting to use a 1930s relic to capture and honor Memorial Day.

After picking out my frame, setting the focus and tilting the front lens element, I asked the kids that were climbing on the rock at the time if they would like their picture taken. They were excited to do so especially when I told them it was a polaroid camera and we would see the image shortly after. Having only used the camera once before I was surely just as excited to see the result as they were.

The image you see here is a scan of the negative in which you have to prep with bleach after it has dried. I found a tutorial on how to do this using toilet bowl cleaner with bleach to be the best option to control the bleach from splashing all about.

While packing up and talking to the father of the kids, I learned that one of them had just been in the news about their semi comical / traumatic prom night. A group of kids in Kettle Moraine, WI were on a wooden pier getting their picture taken, when the pier collapsed. Apparently one of the kids seen in this picture was the hero left catching his date from falling in the water. Sounds like a night none of them will forget and will have a story to tell for years to come.

I plan to shoot more special events, landscapes and a single portrait of my brides with the Crown Graphic to show and promote the beauty of what old cameras produce.

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