Demo at the Photo Throw Down

So I had one of the most amazing nights I can remember the night of the Photo Throw Down.

Thanks to all who came out and showed some serious love for photography!

If you were there later in the night I ended up getting to the demo with Andy Adams and around 12 people holding antique cameras all around his head!

While the process has many variables that relate to technique, exposure, development, light, age of chemicals and even temperature. Normally I get a chance to do a test shot before going directly into a large plate. This was not possible though for this environment.

I feel the concept was strong and it captivated those who volunteered to participate and watch, I was somewhat disappointed with the result.

The image was drastically under exposed, which when I was developing it led me to over develop it.

Hence you see quite a bit of cloudiness and also some artifacts that were in the collodion.

Oh well. It still has a certain look and feel that is special to the night. I varnished the plate with sandarac which stopped it down a little bit.

What you see here is a image that is pushed and pulled in PS to show more of what the image is.

What a night!

Thanks Andy for participating!

Maybe we should auction it off to raise money for the club? Thoughts?

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