Flakphoto Publisher Andy Adams + Tintypes

I had invited FlakPhoto's creator and publisher Andy Adams over to the studio to sit to chat about photography and make a couple tintypes.

It was great to hear Andy's perspective, energy and overall excitement towards photography. For me part of what makes photography so great is how it works and applies to everyday life. The interaction it creates along with the discussion it pushes and pulls us all in.

The act of creating images today is something we become conscious of even before we can walk. So this desire to use imagery to communicate is something that inherintly has been tied to the way humans see themselves. Certainly someone like myself or Andy view images differently than other non photographer types. However we all can see images and interact with them constantly yet the interpretation of that image is really up to the viewer.

Learning the process of making tintypes has drawn me to focus in a way I've never known in photography. The hands on process, the level of detail and it's ability to produce an image that speaks to ones soul pushes and pulls for creation.

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