Lilac Festival 2012 @ Chalet National Forrest

For the 3rd year, 2 very inspirational artists / designers have hosted the annual Lilac Festival at their home deemed w/ the name - The Chalet, in Lake Mills, WI.

The Chalet termed as the home base on "Chalet National Forest" for the some 80+ Lilacs spread throughout the property with various other masterfully placed vegetation. It's a beautiful setting for any occasion, especially when the lilacs are in bloom.

It's no wonder the home of these two good friends who are a huge inspiration to me and many others live in such a beautiful setting. Both in and outside the home is a canvas in which gives an opportunity to put forth a vision, experience and or emotion to further creation. The Chalet is designed around a 60s style chalet, full of many forms of art from themselves and from all around the world. Both individuals have a creative space with amble room to create and work on their art. All aspects down to the smallest detail are incorporated into a very unique design that is inspiring to witness and must be a joy to live in. As someone who shares the high respect for design and understands the impact it can have on ones creativity and quality of life, both Craig and Nina mix a refreshing sense of oneself throughout the Chalet.

Craig and Nina are a dynamic duo who run the Art Department Site out of their home. Be sure to follow their page and share with all your art / design friends. Hire them and you won't be let down. They both run a super tight ship, with the amount of experience they both have, one wouldn't expect anything else.

Pick up a physical print here if you love it.

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