Looking at an inspiration - Pedro Guerrero

While photography is very much a passion and a lifestyle I have chosen to pursue. The choice has benefits that outweigh the consequences most of the time. I would be lying to you if it didn't have some serious challenges followed with some serious rewards. This post is to share with you one of my all time favorite rewards, in which I frequently read when challenges arise.

Being from Madison, Wisconsin it would be hard pressed to find many people who didn't know who Frank Lloyd Wright is. He is a world renowned architectural icon and fortunately for Wisconsinites, he made Taliesan in Spring Green, WI one of his two main homes and testing grounds for his new work.
Working along with Wright amongst the hill side in Spring Green near the Wisconsin River, Pedro Guerrero - a less well known name and photographer from Arizona would frequently visit, spend endless hours with Mr. Wright and took countless photographs of the architects interiors, exteriors & life portrait where ever he would go. In fact, if you have ever seen any images of Frank Lloyd Wright or any of his work, you are most likely looking at a photograph taken by Pedro Guerrero.

Mr. Guerrero's work and dedication to the craft of photography became a personal inspiration for me in 2008. His career as a photographer spanned six decades covering a wide range of work commercially, along with three of America's most famous artists - Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Calder and Louise Nevelson.

I was lucky enough to meet Pedro Guerrero back in 2008 at his 90th birthday party, which was a public event held as a art opening with a celebration at the Promega Corp Art Gallery in Fitchburg WI. In knowing the story of Mr. Guerrero I was very excited to attend the opening and while there I planned to document the occasion for Mr. Guerrero.

As it turned out, this event and what would unfold gives me inspiration on a regular basis to be working photographer. By showing interest in the photos I took that day Mr. Guerrero wrote a letter to me reading -

Sept 28th, 08

"Dear Eric, I have never purchased photographs from any other photographers before, but your photos of the Promega show are so exceptional and so perfectly captured this historic occasion for me that I asked Dixie to see how we could get copies when she showed them to me on her computer. Your approach is creative and sensitive - you really captured the moment. Your framing is masterful. You used available light, which was harsh from those Western windows beautifully. I had no idea you were taking these photos - but I thank you for being there and for providing me and my family with these wonderful images. I can tell that photography has great meaning for you. Just keep at it, you and photography were obviously meant for each other - Congratulations!" - Pedro

In addition to meeting Mr. Guerrero that day transcribed his book "A Photographer's Journey" that day "For Eric - I've seen you sneaking photos, wonderful!" - Pedro Guerrero.