Looking to the past to present to the present

In learning the physical attributes to producing images from the 1850s, along with casting and remaking the cases they were displayed in. I've become more and more intrigued on what it took for craftsman to produce these items and even more intrigued about the people that carried them.

To think that 150 years ago tintypes were the 1st means (for most Americans) to reflect upon a loved one or show a stranger a child or husband fighting for freedoms that today are too often over looked or forgotten draws deep meaning and care, which is equally projected by the craftsmanship it took to produce these items. While the first developed photographic process, the daguerreotype was introduced by a Frenchman, the tintype was primarily done only in America. Their were few Europeans that produced tintypes for whatever reason, leaving only the very wealthy to have images made as a daguerreotype.

America came into its own very much through the documentation of the tintype. History shows the evolution of the use of these images very distinctively in America. From a documentation of who people were to, the civil war, births, to later playing around and goofing off to show ones style or sense of humor.

Certainly people had a sense of humor before the tintype, but now allowing it to be documented and shared certainly produced a new motivation and meaning beyond the use of the image.

In learning the depths of what this physical process can produce, along with the presentation of the image, I'm very excited to begin presenting modern day images in this form. Thanks to Ryan Hood for allowing me to see and use his families collection of tintypes seen here for study and casting of the one union case of the civil war soldier.

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