Lori Compas listening session(s)

Today I traveled to Lake Mills and Waterloo with 2 socially concerned and active individuals who are in support of Lori Compas. The listening sessions were meant to hear out what people's concerns are for the State and district.

While learning a little about Lori myself, these 2 listening sessions were not meant to discuss policy or what she would do to balance the budget. It was to discuss what is important to people. I found that this was very difficult for some in which they would rudely interrupt or speak out of turn, and had to be repeatedly told to stop by the MC. It almost felt as if they never learned proper manors or had an education or mother to tell them that is rude. I think that discussing what is important to people is a practice that all human beings should exercise, for being genuine and open with ones thoughts builds community. Once you begin to judge someone for who they are or what they stand for you loose a chance to discuss those issues and grow as a community. Just because you disagree doesn't mean one should try to belittle or interrupt the discussion.

I tend to feel that here in the Midwest, for the most part, people are good and want to be fair / honest hard working people. However after witnessing what has occurred in my state of Wisconsin, along with a down economy. I wonder if peoples sense of self and community has suffered due to how much people really are suffering?

We all know a strong community builds a strong economy. So naturally like all relationships, governance of a community must be in communication with who it serves. Naturally people infer what someone means to mean something else or to conclude A=B=C and so on. Could a lack of respect and communication be an effect of lower education / technology / financial hardship / or even a lack on interaction of a diverse people or sense of community?

WHile observing Lori Compas, her understanding and level of communication is something that I feel she naturally understands. Her body language to me tells it all. Her message and wiliness to be fair, open and observe all people equally is very refreshing and will be my vote for WI State Senator.

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