Madison Capital 20x24 inch tintype

In shooting large plates outside, I set up a portable ice shanty which takes about 20 minutes to set up.

Typically I will set the camera up first to determine if I am at the right distance to frame the shot. Once I find my spot I will set the dark room up, get the chemicals set, fill the 6 liters of silver nitrate into it's bath and prep the plate to pour.

The landscape lens I have can stop down to f/120, which I have yet to attempt. The photo shown here of the capital was shot at f/60 and was a 2 minute exposure with overcast skies around 4pm. Development time was around 12 seconds while washing for a solid 4-5 minutes before fixing.

Due to the amount of water needed I am only able to shoot 2 or 3 of these in the field. Ideally it would be nice to find a trailer or some sort to process these things in.

This images is very clean all the way across, the corner in which you see a black spot is where the collodion didn't reach during the pour. The pour is very even across the center otherwise, which to me is much more important. The bellows do show up in this image, for I needed to support them with a spacer so that they don't overhang when extended at this length. Again these effects to me add charter and show part of the my process and my constant form of learning while making these plates.

I have probably only shot 40-50 large plates all together and only 2 or 3 outside.

If interested in purchasing this or any plate please email me or call at 608.469.4512

I am eagerly seeking commissions with this process. Thank you for your interest

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