Networking with wood workers

Working with Jamie Stanek of Artisan Design and Fabrication to document his latest piece, I attended a furniture show to scout the location and meet the other artists at the Wyoming Valley School in Spring Green, WI.

The 1957 building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was a great venue for this event in which looked to raise money for the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center. The featured artists included - ED WOHL - CURTIS PLATT - RICHARD JUDD - MARTHA DOWNS - ALAN ANDERSON - TURNER WINFIELD - WILLIAM GARETHS - JOEL DUNCANSON - CARL GROMOLL -

It was a fun night full of meeting very interesting and passionate people who have a talent that we can all appreciate, things made by hand. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is learning life through photography has brought me to meet some very interesting and talented people. That night I met Edward Wohl who immediately sparked my interest with his life energy, kindness and genuine sense of being. After he had introduced himself to me, seeing his work and hearing his passion for life I immediately was very interested and inspired myself.

My favorite image of the night shows Jamie Stanek speaking to Edward Wohl, with Jamie's daughter playing in his arms. A truly beautiful moment in time.

Thanks to Jamie for inviting me along and for documenting your piece.

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Ed Wohl

lovely photos and thanks for the compliments. After the holidays might be a better time for us and you. I look forward to getting together.


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