New Harvest Foundation Fundraiser

Capturing events and people is one of my favorite jobs because of the interaction I get from others. The joy of doing such events is partially due to my obsession of people watching. The human condition and expression we give non verbally is portrayed perfectly through still photography. Although hard to capture, the challenge and search for that powerful portrait or slice of emotion is constantly on the hunt. Saturday night's New Harvest Foundation fundraiser was full of opportunities to interact and capture a collective set of of images on how I feel the foundation builds community and strength for us all.

New Harvest Foundation was celebrating its 28th year as being the only foundation in Dane County that channels charitable contributions exclusively to organizations working to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, services, culture and community development. The events entertainment started off with the classic Terry Watters on the piano along with a silent auction. After dinner Karen Williams a stand up comedian filled the room with laughter.

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