New Madison Public Library excites me!

Madison is about to open one of the most amazing libraries I have ever seen. Documenting the process of the old to the new has really displayed some of Madison's best! From showing interest in documenting the Bookless event when the library closed, I have found a gem of artists and individuals who are working very hard to make this city great. When you come to the Madison Public Library you will see for yourself just what creativity, learning and reading can do! From the programing to the events and even just the physical space. The new library is a great example of what design and art can do for a space.

The two artists here are Niki Johnson and her stack of book ends and Heath Maystek Synder and his wood stack.

Can't wait for Thursday and the Stacked event.

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Was just talking about this event at work, thankful for your pictures since I did not make it.

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