Peninsula State Park

Exploring Door County in the off season is a bit like driving into a ghost town that has tons of places you like to go but can't because nothing is open.

This was the case the last weekend in March in Egrahm, Fish Creek, Sister Bay and Peninsula State Park. While each of the small lake side towns have the capacity for several thousands during high season, only a few hundred live there year round.

Coming into town late Friday night we stayed at the Edgewater Hotel in Ephraim, which is right along side the waters edge. Eager to find a fish fry we struggle to find an open restaurant, let alone another human being on the road at 9pm on a Friday night.

Finding the 1st restaurant that was open we find the Northern Grill and Pizza. While happily ordering the classic Cherry Bomb Cocktail implying that "you're not really here until you do!" I was later disappointed to learn that the restaurant no longer had any haddock, the only option for baked fish for the gluten tolerant fish goer.

Regardless we ordered burgers and went to bed early to find fire wood and set up camp. We start by getting breakfast at one of the view places open - the classic Al Johnson's restaurant. Known by most as the place with grass on the roof with goats in Sister Bay. You can even watch the goats online anytime from anywhere. SEE the goats live cam

While the goats were not yet out, we successfully asked our server where we could get wood. A woman came forward giving us instructions to Four Seasons Ventures (couldn't find online), where her husband instructed us to take our pick of piles of wood for $10 bucks to fill our trunk with birch and oak. A great deal, considering the gas stations were trying to sell a tiny bundle for $4 bucks a piece. For the amount of wood we took, we would of spent $50-70 bucks to get the same weight at the gas station. Look them up and ask for Dave if you are in the area and need wood. Phone - 920-421-1804. 2556 German Rd. Take Hwy 57 go past CR Q then take the next right.

I have been trying to learn the ins and outs of a Mamiya RB67 w/ a polaroid back. I have been having exposure problems and have yet to identify the problem. I would like to use the camera to shoot some polaroids at my weddings to give as a special gift to my clients at the reception I hope to pair w/ a little marketing piece. Getting the exposure figured out has been a problem in day light, ending w/ photos that are way over exposed. I'm afraid the lens may no longer operate properly.

While Door County holds countless beautiful places, things to do and activities galore. To me it feels a little over touristy, which during the off season is the time to go and enjoy nature as it is intended.

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