Portable tintype process

After a year of shooting mostly in studio the planning to build a wooden antique model dark box with Jamie Stanek of Artisian Design Fabrication is fully functional.

Setting up in the field with this piece really gives the viewer an additional experience into the time period these images would have been made. It really draws people in and gets people excited about photography.

The set up process of the box only takes around 10-15 minutes and is ready to use, as long as it's not too far from the car.

On Monday I got to photograph Larry Reed in Cooksville, WI. He was a joy to photograph and get to know at his home. I took a total of 4 shots one of which was a throw away.

With a private sitting I really like to explore options by listening to who the person is and what and how they interact. For example I really wanted to give a head shot to start, however after hearing more about Larry's passions and his house I decided I wanted some more context or feel to the image to tell a story.

It's great to connect with people and to make something that is so very special. While it was an honor to photograph Mr. Reed the memory and human connection made from our discussions that followed is what makes this process and presentation in a case so powerful.

I simply love the interaction and result photography creates. Such a wonderful thing.

Larry was so kind to gift me one of his cases, in which I will be casting to make reproductions with. Such a nice person.

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Larry Reed

Message* Eric, the pleasure was all mine! It was a wonderful time—sitting for you, learning about the process, watching you work, experiencing that old, amazing art form and seeing it come to life—all thanks to you.It was a great day in old Cooksville! An amazing, memorable, magical experience…..Thanks! Larry

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