Portraits in support of marriage equality

With the Supreme Court looking at marriage equality, I wanted to go to the street to ask people if they would pose for a portrait in support of marriage equality.

For asking complete strangers do put your face to a stance is a very empowering thing. This simple act of sharing ones portrait with the civil question "Would you pose for a portrait if you stand for marriage equality?" Leaves people feeling empowered, knowing that love is love and that sharing that with others leaves something for us all to learn.

To stand up for peoples rights whatever your age, race, sex, or sexual preference is something that will only do good. And just as civil rights for many will continue to be a struggle with discrimination and biases that will continue just as blacks and women have been fighting for equal rights to this day. Making this right in the eyes of the courts and giving the LGBT community the same rights as any other citizen is well past due.

We as Americans should be the leader to the world, show compassion and do what is right.

As I said if you would like your photo just go over to my facebook page hit like and I will see who you are and send you your image.

Thanks to all who participated.

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Scott Foval


Thank you so much for doing this project. The photos are terrific, and truly historic. I hope you will consider doing a public exhibition of these photos and others from your collection.


Scott Foval
Regional Political Coordinator
People For the American Way


Thanks for your hard wrk!

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