Power of art - Niki Johnson

I went to Milwaukee last week to document a piece by Niki Johnson - titled Eggs Benedict, in which I find one of the many powers of art.

The piece is a portrait of Pope Benedict, made by weaving 17,000 color condoms. Rightfully so, Niki's efforts have been grabbing a lot of attention since the piece was finished and is on display at the Milwaukee's Portrait society. The piece will have a 2nd opening for Milwaukee's gallery night Friday, April 19th.

With national syndicated media outlets taking notice of Niki's work, on her blog you can learn about her motivation and message behind the piece. My initial thoughts, I knew she was going to receive a lot of attention due to it's content. A shortlist of media interviews include - CNN, NPR, Fox, CBS, the Huffington Post, and several other local and even international publications.

Thinking about the possibilities this art may arise is quite possibly endless, yet the notion of the act itself is often times forgotten. Our present day actions I feel are a perfect example. For why would an educated population choose to cut art programs for kids when the impact and education to it's people can be so great? Art impacts us all, whether or not you are aware of it. Too few view art as it enters our psyche without thought, leaving those who must balance a budget cut something we all can benefit from doing, sharing and discussing. I truly find Niki's work to have already accomplished something great. The discussion, power and interaction of what art can hold.

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