Scanning Polaroid Negatives

So I shot a few packs of Fuji FP-100C 100 polaroid film in my Mamiya RB67 last weekend and then prepared the negative by bleaching the back side of the negative. The best price I've found for this film is at Continental

With no real place to put the images for them to dry after they were shot, most of the images ended up with numerous flaws, some of which are fun and others I was disappointed with. See for yourself. The biggest disappointment was the white dots, which I am assuming are from being in contact w/ other negatives, but could be from the cleaning process or drying process... I have successfully made a scan of an image w/ out these dots in which the image sat out and dried on its own.

After doing some web surfing, I found a nice DIY solution to this problem found here. I will most definitely be making one of these.

To see what I've did with the negative to prepare for scan watch this video.

Regardless, taking polaroids and scanning the negatives is super fun! The color, softness and overall dreaminess of the image is something that cannot be easily reproduced w/ a digital image.