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The cabin is truly a special place in my life that holds not only many childhood memories, but inspires creativity and reflection through a bit of mystery and decor in which much of has no record of who made or how some things came to be apart of the cabin.

We actually don't know how old the cabin physically is, around the turn of the century. It's as if the original owners of the cabin picked up and left town leaving all of their belongings and living memories behind. While the cabin has been in my family for 2 generations and was acquired by my grand father in the 30s, my father or I have ever known someone to "live" at the cabin year round.

With the evidence of two living room wood stoves in the old part of the cabin, implies that a family did live there year round at some point. The basement aides in this conclusion with the amount of working tools, a ice box, work bench and level of time it must of took to build the foundation and raise the all wood cabin walls.

For the most part my family has left the cabin in it original state as far as decor, appliances and feel giving it a very unique feel to visit and more so sleep in for any period of time.

To highlight just a few of the many colors, patterns and hand made items throughout the cabin a closer look finds that sense that someone cared about art, life and their surroundings very much. With a unknown hand made painting of a indian chief on a deer skin on the wall, makes me to wonder if they gave witness to the indians and had trust with them to gain time to paint the chief.

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The cabin holds many wonderful memories for many because of your generous hospitality, Eric.

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