Tin type mania.

Between learning the exposure times, flowing the plate with collodion, and agitating the developer the winter is keeping me from getting good sunlight on subjects.

I'm really looking forward to making tintypes outside this coming Spring, when I will be fully mobile with a portable dark box custom built by Jamie Stanek of Artisan Design Fabrication.

With my first portrait I invited my good friend and local rock star Matt Skemp over to sit for me.

Things will be moving towards practice in doors, with some strobes and still life's with an occasional portrait.

If interested in exploring some possibilities please shoot me a message.

I've updated my recent tin types and getting better at flowing the plate and developer. Testing the power of the lights is still in question along with development times, washing time, and fixing time with the sodium thiosulfate. I'm seeing a bit of a silvery reflectiveness in the highlights once the plate has dried and wondering how to correct?