Tintypes coming to Madison

In July I attended a 2 day work shop in San Francisco at the Rayko Photo Center to learn one of the older photographic processes, the tintype.

The class was a great experience from start to finish learning the history of the tintype, its chemical make up & potential processes and what's possible with digital negatives. Carlos Arrieta the instructor did a great job even while battling a cold of sorts. The time spent was well worth the visit to Rayko and would highly recommend a visit if ever in the San Francisco area.

Having 2 days I completed about 10 tintypes, of which included most 4x5, 5x7, a holga, and a stereograph.

Part of the challenge of tintypes is learning to pour the chemicals, load the camera in time sensitive manner, shoot the image, than learn to develop and fix the image. All of these variables cause different effects to the final image. While many mistakes were made along the learning process some of the mistakes in the process provide a very aesthetic look and feel.

I plan to start shooting tintypes here in Madison soon, ideally building a portable dark room in which I can transport via bike and make some outdoor tintypes.

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