Tis the season for weddings

Looking forward to a very busy wedding season starting next week, with 4 weekends in a row, one week off followed by another 4 weekends shooting weddings in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Barcelona Spain and Lake Tahoe, NV.

Since starting Elitevideophoto.com six years ago I have averaged 8-14 weddings a year. While they normally all fall within the same 3-4 months of each other, baring witness to such an important part of peoples lives is an honor to capture and document. One of the many ways I try to differentiate myself from the competition is to offer a free engagement for every wedding package. This is something I have always done and felt that the communication that occurs is priceless, for each couple is different.

I'm excited to incorporate something very special this year that as far as I know no photographer in town is doing. It will be relatively simple, inexpensive and will have nearly every single person interested and talking about how Elitevideophoto goes above and beyond to provide something special on their wedding day.... You'll have to wait and see what it is...next week. :)