Why I miss winter

After what has had to of been the mildest winter in Madison on record. I really had the itch to get out in the snow Saturday morning to take in the fresh snow. So we planned to get up early and hit up the UW Arboretum for sunrise, before hitting one of the best Saturday morning breakfasts in town, the Farmers Market Breakfast @ the Senior Center.

While I certainly do nothing to persuade people to avoid this winter's common small talk conversation boasting how this winter is great for the countless personal well being issues spouting useless recognitions of self betterment on the back of nature's obvious warming trend. Such as..."at least my back doesn't hurt from shoveling tons of snow," or "I love not having to scrap ice of my car" or traffic that for whatever reason every year forgets how to drive in the snow. Slow the eff down people, give 4 times the amount of room to your fellow commuter and everyone would do just fine.

Knowing that being cold, sore, and late for just about anything when it snows is a major pain. I still believe that winter brings us a special something that should be celebrated and shared with others. The fact that not everyone gets snow or has such a pronounced change in seasons, gives us a better appreciation for when the weather is warm. This can create awareness to nature that otherwise may not be seen or experiences that otherwise would not have been shared.

What's that you say? You'd be outside more if it weren't so cold and snowy? Probably so. However its not the quantity of outdoor adventures, its the quality and difference in exploration that creates all kinds of positive growth and creativity. Think about it, you hear it all the time, "think outside the box." Well having an experience that is so different that any other time of the year forces us to look differently. If you choose to sulk and complain about the winter, then you will never see what's "outside the box."

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