Winnebago Studios & 'unofficial' gallery night after party

Gallery night is certainly a great night on the town. Great art, people, drink ect ect.. Except its only problem is that GN is from 5-9pm and there is no way to hit even a fraction of the places on the list. Parking is limited, slews of galleries are spread all across town and lets face it, part of what makes the experience great is learning about how the artists make their craft so running in and out of some of these places is just not an option.

For whatever reason Winnebago Studios didn't make it on said "list," however if you were in the know, this was certainly the place to be for the after party! Fire breathers, nail beds, acrobatic dancers, great live music by David Hecht Trio w/ Tony Castenada oh and some pretty damn impressive ART!

To ensure you're in the loop next time head over and like the guys at Orange Cone Studio. Maybe next time you can request to sit on Tadsen on the bed of nails :)

Sculpture by Laura Richards and Will Turnbull

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Nice job and thanks for being the picture guy!


Rad. Woops her tiny gold pants got caught and gave us a peekaboo.

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